We have had some minor confusion as of late and the team felt we should clear it up right clear and right quick.

Neither Valhalla Burning Productions nor Rise of the Horned Rat is in anyway related to Mythic.

As it says in our “Who are we” page we are a group of players and fans doing conception for our own Expansion pack idea. We have no relation to Mythic nor have we been in contact with any member of Mythic or EA. This project is ENTIRELY player created.

While we made if VERY clear in all our posts on the Official Warhammer Forums that this was not Official in any way, we should have made it much much clearer on our site. It was not our intention to trick or fool anyone, and if we have offended, disappointed, or angered anyone we are very sorry.

While it might not be Official please feel free to offer criticism, ideas, or concerns. (Respectful though) This is a project by the players so we want to hear FROM the players!

One Response to “Clarification”

  1. Thanks for making such a killer blog.

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