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Posted in The Rise of The Horned Rat on August 26, 2010 by valhallaburning

We have a new site up, with a good number of added things including Keep Siege Changes, Crafting Changes, as well as a few other additions on top of previews for 3 other Skaven Classes.

Site can be found here:

So feel free to check it out and leave feedback there or on the Warhammer Online  Official Forums!

Update: Rise of the Horned Rat

Posted in The Rise of The Horned Rat on June 23, 2010 by valhallaburning

As some of you may or may not know we had to place RotHR on the back burn for a while as several members of our team were hired out do do some contract work. However with the team mostly back to work here in the studio production has once again resumed, and we are busy plugging away at this and our other project, so expect to see some new posts from the VB team in the very near future.

However we are going to do our updates in a new and very different way. Instead of waiting till a class, mechanic, or system is done to release it we will be releasing “sneak peaks” of stuff we are working on before we release the finished version. This will allow the team to keep a much steadier flow of content to our readers, which in turn will allow us to collect far more feed back from the games community.

Things you can expect in the near future:

A.) Previews of the Plague Monk, Stormvermin, and Grey Seer.

B.) Previews of our total redesign of crafting in WAR with multiple new trade skills and a 100% unique crafting system never seen in an MMO before.

D.) Keep, renown, and Siege Weapon changes.

E.) A very small sampling of our changes for individual classes, whole Archetypes, and persistent problems to the whole game world like TTK and Critical Strike rates.

Expect to see updates on these things and more in the next few weeks both here and on the games official forums!

Skaven Classes: Warlock Engineer

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Warlock Engener

The Warlock Engineer is the primary Ranged damage class for the Skaven Army in the new, player created and unofficial, expansion pack “Rise of the Horned Rat”!

Utilizing unstable Skaven technology, the Warlock Engineers of Clan Skryre are able to gather and store “Warp-Energy”, which enhances their spell casting and powers the most dangerous of their mad Weapons.

Armed with a Warp-Blade and many other, more unstable, weapons the Warlock Engineers are a dangerous foe, able to unleash deadly spells that can decimate enemy ranks. However the most dangerous of the Warlock Engineers arsenal is not their powerful spells but the deadly and unpredictable Skaven weaponry. From the multi-barrelled Ratling Gun to the undeniable power of the Warpfire Throwers, the weapons of these powerful Technomages are a fearful site on the battlefield!


The Mechanic of the Clan Skryre Warlock Engineer is the accumulation, storage and careful usage of “Warp-Energy”. Using the many attachments on their gear, the Warlock Engineer is able to tap into the threads of magical energy and launch devastating attacks both magical and technological.

Warp-Energy is gained by casting spells, each spell rewards a set amount of Warp-Energy. As the Warp-Energy a Skaven gathers increases his magical spells will gain increased benefits and he will gain access to ever more destructive weapons. However with such power comes a cost. As the Warp-Energy inside a Skaven builds so do the chances of something going wrong, as Skaven technology is not without it’s flaws, and a “Malfunction” can occur.

While lower level Malfunctions can result in damage to the Warlock Engineer himself the higher level Malfunctions can result in the Skaven being knocked to the ground by the sheer force of the Warp-Energy built up, leaving them open to attack by their enemies. The higher the Warp-Energy levels the more likely this is to happen. When it does happen there is a 50% chance to lose all Warp-Energy.

As the Warlock Engineer casts spells the Warp-Energy reserve increases and is visually represented in the class mechanic display found above the hotbar.

Mechanic 1Above you can see what the icon looks like with a minor amount of Warp-Energy saved up. At this level the Warp-Energy bonuses and risks are both relatively minor. Below you can see the mechanic fully charged, with it comes bigger bonuses and bigger risks.

Mechanic 2

Unlike the Bright Wizard and Sorceress the mechanic does not give direct damage increases to every ability, the bonuses are tied to specific abilities, and can be found on each ability, and range from reduced casting time to longer durations on negative status effects. As such the bonuses that you get are not as strong as on a Bright Wizard or Sorceress but the risks are not as large, you have a much lower chance to cause a Malfunction at all levels.Mechanic expo

A Malfunction results in a  loss of health, based on a percentage of total health, at the lower levels to a self Knock down of 1 and 2 seconds at the highest levels of Warp-Energy. This Knock Down does not respect or trigger immunities so one must be VERY careful once their furry little body is filled with Warp-Energy.


1.) Abilities from the Path of the Technomancer build Warp-Energy.

2.) The path of the Technomancer gains passive buffs to their Spells, while the Paths of the Inventor and Gobadier gain access to more powerful abilities as Warp-Energy levels increase.

3.) Warp-Energy is not consumed by abilities, the Energy is stored until a Malfunction occurs or the Warlock Engineer decides to vent it, reducing it back down to zero.

4.) Malfunctions rates are much lower then that of the Bright Wizard or Sorceress, but also offer much lower passive buffs.

Core Abilities

The Core abilities, gained from leveling, for the Warlock Engineer are listed bellow in the order they are acquired starting at Level 1.

FleeAuto AttackWarp-Blade SlashWarp BlastWarp-Energy Vent

Warplock Pistol Shot

Globe of Rust

Warp Stone Infection

Ratling Gun Blast

Warp Wave

Musk of Fear

Warpstone Wrecking Ball

Burn-Burn Globe

Warp Lash

Armor of Darkness

Stop-Stop Spikes

LEVEL 14Blast-Burn Ball

Warp-Fire Stream

Man Trap

Burn-Scorch Spray

Globadiers Protection

Stable Conversion

Iron Rot Mist

Ratkin Rage Globe

Mastery Abilities

Bellow are listed the Abilities gained from the individual Mastery Paths. They are listed in descending order from cheapest to most expensive.

Path of the Inventor

The Path of the Inventor is dedicated to the use of dangerous and deadly Skaven Technology, offering the most damaging abilities.
Accumulator OverloadJezzail Rifle ShotMorskitter's Warp-Cannon

Path of the Technomancer

The Path of the Technomancer is dedicated to Spell casting and the accumulation and storage of Warp-Energy.
Drain-Drain LeechWarp-Energy ConverterTechnomancer's Storm

Path of the Globadier

The Path of the Globadier is dedicated to the usage of Skaven Globes, escape tools, and survival.
Warp-Disruptor PackDeath GlobeOrb of Unholy Brass


The Tactics for the Dark Elf Assassin are listed bellow, starting with Racial, Archetype, Core, and then Mastery Paths.

Racial Tactics:

Blessings of the ThirteenGlory of the Under-EmpireStrength In Numbers

Archetype Tactics:

Devour EnergyEndless KnowledgeSleight of PawClose Quarters

Core Tactics:

Gained from leveling they are generally tied to specific abilities unique to the class.
Sapping BladeDesloate Wrecking BallAdvanced Warp ExtractorWarp PoisoningUnstable Warp ProjectorWarp-Fire BurnsSlow-Stay SpikesWarp Vent Stabalizers

Mastery Tactics:

Path of the Inventor

Ratling Gun SweepWeapons of Ikit ClawWarpstone Shells

Path of the Technomancer

Master Warlock's CompressorTechnomage's ConcentrationSkryre Blasting Coil

Path of the Globadier

Globadier's Gas MaskVolatile GasesAcidic Compounds



Core Morales

Techno-Mage BoltMisdirectionWarp Antenna OverdriveSiphon PowerFocused MindCompressor Release SwitchScintillating EnergyResilience of the RatkinUnleash The Winds


Path of the Inventor

Warp-Lightning Cannon

Path of the Technomancer

Technomancer's bolt

Path of the Globadier

Skryre Poison Cloud

The end.

Whats New in the Rise of the Horned Rat: A Quick Summery

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The Rise

of the

Horned Rat

Skaven title
In the Depths of the Under-Empire a Prophet has risen, claiming to be chosen by the Horned Rat, the devious god of the Skaven people, to lead the Skaven Empire to victory over the surface dwellers. Uniting all the clans under one banner, the Horned One and The Lords of Decay have began the long dreaded invasion of the surface world. The bowls of the Skavenblight growl with the endless hunger of millions while great tunnels open up in all the lands spilling forth legion upon legion of hateful Rat-kin.
In the heart of Skavendom however there are whispers that an impostor leads the Skaven nation and that The Council of Thirteen has plans of their own….

New Race and Faction: Skaven!

Join the newly created Third Faction and fight for the glory of the Horned Rat against both Order and Destruction!

  • Brand new Third Faction dramatically changing the landscape of WAR.
  • Multiple new and unique classes! Play as the dreaded Plague Monk or walk through the shadows as the deadly Clan Eshin Assassin, and many more!

Five New Cities!

The WAR comes homes with the inclusion of Five new Capitol Cities to seige and defend!

  • Explore the mountain Strongholds of Karak-A-Karak and Karak Eight Peaks, current home of the Dwarfs and Bloody Sun Orcs!
  • Explore the Ancient High Elf Capitol of Lothern to the mighty “Fist of Malekith” a vast Black Arc and launching point of the Dark Elf Invasion!
  • Traverse the dark and twisted Skavenblight, the massive underground Capitol City of the Skaven!
  • Brand new Quests, PQs, Dungeons, and secrets to Unlock!
  • Each City pairing has it’s own unique King fight with an emphasis on cinematic and interactive action!

city 1

New Classes for Destruction and Order!

Many changes to our existing classes as well as brand new classes for both Order and Destruction!

  • Introducing the the Dark Elf Assassin and the Empires own Priest of Morr!
  • Minor and Major changes to all existing classes! From minor tweaks to total overhauls!

New and Improved Dye and Trophy Systems!

  • Major changes to the Dye and Trophy systems, look how you want to look!
  • Dye  your Weapons, Shields, and mounts. Dye system expanded!
    Brand new Trophy System allows you to place Trophies where YOU want to place them! Dagger on your boots? Skull on your helm? No problem!
  • New unique Mount Trophies!
  • New Elite Trophies give passive bonuses to Renown, Experience, Influence gain and many more! Only for the the most dedicated, look cool and fight harder!
  • Multiple new Dyes with overhauls to existing ones!
  • Dozens of new, high res, Trophies to collect and wear, Old Trophies improved!

Trophies 1

Massive Overhauls!

Substantial Overhauls to nearly every system in Warhammer:Age of Reckoning!

  • From PQ’s, Keeps, loot drops, Ordinance, and Siege weapons major and minor changes are on the way!
  • Collecting your sets is now easier then ever, both in PvE and PvP! No boss fight is a wasted experience!
  • Improved Siege Weapon mechanics along with Keep Changes to make Keep sieges more exciting and less Static!
  • Massive Changes to how you gain Realm Points, from everything from Keeps and City Sieges to BO’s and Scenarios!
  • Much, much more!

Completely Redone Crafting System!

The crafting system has been completely redone from the ground up, with very few existing aspects remaining.

  • The addition of multiple new Crafting trade skills, from Brewing to Warpstone carving to more, Four new trade skills to enjoy!
  • Existing Crafting and Gathering tradeskills streamlined or removed to give a much smoother crafting experience!
  • Completely new crafting mechanic with a focus on interaction, experimentation, a reduction in material grinding,  and rewarding the experienced master crafters!
  • Specialized crafting paths allow you to make decisions based on your race which will effect the type of items you can make and sell, giving more diversity to crafting in WAR!
  • Greater synergy with existing WAR mechanics whether it is Keeps and sieges, the Tome of Knowledge, or other systems, Crafting matters more than ever!
  • Many other changes are in store for Crafters in Warhammer: Age of Reckoning!

Much Much More!

Experience even more new and modified content in “The Rise of the Horned Rat”!

  • Brand new, never before seen, unique class content! From class quests to powerful new weapons and armor!
  • Improvements to RvR including new purchasable weapons and armor, improved Crest system, and more rewards for increasing in Realm Rank!
  • Much much more!
All listed features are subject to change, both in the addition of new features and the removal of existing features.

New Class: The Dark Elf Assassin!

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The Dark Elf Assassin is the Destruction class added in the “Rise of the Horned Rat” Expansion for Warhammer: Age of Reckoning™.

Taking over the Light Armored Stealth Melee Damage Role Archetype left vacant by the revamped and moved Witch Elf the Assassin specializes in up close and medium range encounters. Utilizing the dreaded “Marks of Khaine” and powerful “Assassination” techniques the Dark Elf Assassin hit’s hard and fast from the shadows causing disorder in the enemy ranks by taking out high value targets.

Wielding two poison coated blades the Assassin is able to do damage up close, either directly or over time though the use of deadly venoms and toxins, or with his Repeater Handbow deliver killing blows from medium range. Flexible and versatile the Dark Elf Assassin is a deadly foe to see on the battle field, if you see them at all…..

Marks of


The class mechanic for the Dark Elf Assassin is the placing of “Marks” on the target. Several Abilities, but not all,  place one of three Marks on the target filling your Assassination Bar.

The same Mark can not be used twice, all three must be used and their order determines which of the Assassinations (Powerful Finishing moves) can be used. The three Marks are Wound, Slow Death, and Sacrifice, once all three have been used and placed on the Assassination Bar the Assassination which corresponds to the Mark sequence becomes available to use.
Let’s look at an Example. Below we have the empty Assassination Bar.


Once any ability is used that places a Mark that mark is placed on the bar and can not be placed again. Abilities that place the same mark can still be used but will not progress the bar. Let’s use an ability that places a Mark of the Wound on the target.


Now a Mark of the Wound has been added to our Assassination Bar. To progress the sequence we must now use an ability that places a Mark of Slow Death or a Mark of the Sacrifice. Let’s use an ability to place a Mark of Slow Death on the target.


Now we have a Mark of the Wound and a Mark of Slow Death. To finish this sequence we must now use an ability that places a Mark of the Sacrifice, no other mark will finish the Sequence.  Let’s do that now.

Marks -3

The sequence is finished and we can now use the corresponding Assassination. Once the Assassination ability is completed the Bar resets and a new sequence can be started.


1.) Use abilities which place a “Mark” on the target to fill the bar.

2.) Each Mark can only be placed once in a sequence.

3.) Abilities can be spamed but will not progress the sequence.

4.) A sequence must be finished before an Assassination can be used.’

5.) Their are 6 total sequences counting ones gained from Mastery Paths. Two for each Mark.

6.) Once a Assassination is used the Bar resets.

Core Abilities

The Core abilities, gained from leveling, are listed bellow in the order they are acquired starting at Level 1.



Reaper Bolt



Bleeding Cut


Bone Breaker Venom


Treacherous Stab


Life Taker


Knee Breaker


Manbane Toxin

Feinted Positioning


Concealing Smoke


Blood Vapor Venom


Shadow Stalker

Reaping Blades


Merciless Strikes




Khaine's Silence


Swift of Foot


Enfeebling Strike

Sever Blessing

Dark Venom Infection


Ambush of the Master Assassin


Manticore Blood Venom


Assassin's Vault

Mastery Abilities

Bellow are listed the Abilities gained from the individual Mastery Paths. They are listed in descending order from cheapest to most expensive.

Path of the Wound

The Path of the Wound is dedicated to Toe-to-toe combat and is the tree with the most options for increased survivability.

Seal of Ghrond

Khaine's Protection

Rending Stars

Path of Slow Death

The Path of Slow Death is dedicated to Damage over Time effects and hit and run tactics.

Twisting Stab

Hand of Khaine

Dragon Fire Bolt

Path of the Sacrifice

The Path of the Sacrifice is dedicated to high burst damage with lower survivability, with lots of positional attacks.

Dagger of Hotek

Shadow pin

Touch of Death


The Tactics for the Dark Elf Assassin are listed bellow, starting with Racial, Archetype, Core, and then Mastery Paths.

Racial Tactics:

Dark Blessings

Alignment of Naggaroth

bathing in Blood

Archetype Tactics:

Jagged Edge

Brute Force



Core Tactics:

Gained from leveling they are generally tied to specific abilities unique to the class.

Killing Spree

Murder's Servant

Shadow Stepping

Glory to Khaine!

Sweep the Leg

Follow Through

Delight in Murder

Lightning Strikes

Mastery Tactics:

Path of the Wound

Nauglir Hunting Bolts

Murderer's Reward

Dragon Egg Extract

Path of Slow Death

Deadly Toxins

Fevered Infections

Sadist's Protection

Path of the Sacrifice

No Mercy for the Weak!

Barbed Bolts

Heart of Woe



Core Morales

Sever Nerve

Confusing Movements

Dragon Heart Potion

Force of Will

Relentless Assault

Sword of Ruin

Broad Swings


Frenzied Slaughter


Path of the Wound

Nightmare Gem

Path of Slow Death

Mark of Consecrated Murder

Path of the Sacrifice

Avatar of Khaine